Wednesday, August 04, 2010

And the beat goes on

So, what's on the design wall now?

Moondance: whilst (I *love* using that word!) on vacation last week, I was able to do all the hand applique of the flowers and free-standing machine embroidered dragonflies that I had prepped.    When I returned from vacation, I made the remaining 4 required dragonflies.  I'm working on getting them appliqued to the top.  Then, stick a fork in it, cuz the top will be DONE!  It'll go on the stack of Tops To Be Quilted.  :-)

Stonehenge French Braid:  moderate cheering .... the day we left for vacation, the online order of the Stonehenge fabric arrived.  I knew I wouldn't be able to STAND not opening, so I did .. good thing too.  The store shorted me one fabric (they gave me all they had) and completely omitted the other fabric (they were out of stock).  I was truly bummed out. 

BUT, whilst (oh, there's that word again!) on an adventure to the ONLY fabric store in the vicinity of our vacation, I saw that they carried some of the Stonehenge line.  AND .. wonder of wonders .... there was one of the fabrics I needed!  Not remembering if this was the shorted or omitted fabric from my previous order, I bought the entire 1-3/8 yard that was left on the bolt.  Upon my return home, I discovered that the Quilting Gods favored me that day ... the 1-3/8 yards was exactly how much was shorted.  :-)    Another foray into the Wide Wide World of Online Retail Therapy provided me with a different store for the remaining fabric. 

Here's a (distorted) picture of the sashing between the French Braid columns.  My goal is now finish the French Braid top.  And like Moondance, this top will go on the stack of Tops To Be Quilted.

new project! (have I gone mad?)  Whilst (third time's a charm!)  at the vacation fabric store, I saw a class sample quilt that quite captivated me.  Made from the "Take 5" pattern from The Teacher's Pet , it used fussy cut focus fabric in the pattern's largest squares.  It was wonderful.  The very helpful staff showed me where the pattern was in the store ... and I was utterly astonished.  No wonder I passed up the pattern when I first saw it .. the cover photo was completely underwhelming.  You only get one chance to make a first impression and the cover photo failed to make the sale.  BUT .. the class sample *did*! 

I bought some teacup fabric and ...

some fancy dessert fabric that I am hoping to use, along with complementary blender fabrics to round out the block. 

I'm departing from the pattern requirements so I can use an incredible lengthwise border stripe fabric that I found online.  I'm a sucker for border stripes.  :-)

Scanning the fabrics into Electric Quilt (and taking FOREVER to figure out how to get the scans to scale properly ... all comes from not using EQ as often as I need to), I made a mock-up of how I hope it will end up.  :-)

Conclusion:  Moondance will go fast-fast-fast! because it's only 4 dragonflies to applique. 
Stonehenge French Braid will take a bit longer because I need to figure out exactly WHERE I am in the construction process.  There's no more blocks to make, just sashing & borders, so this shouldn't take TOO long. (famous last words). 
Take 5 Teacups is just in the beginning stages and I still need to find/obtain the blender fabrics.

And all of the ABOVE are in addition to the tops/batting/backing projects that are ready to be loaded onto Lizzie for quilting.    aaaaiiiieeeee!  

Too.  Many.  Concurrent. Projects.


  1. Nice fabrics! and great projects!

  2. Thanks, Angie! I really *do* try to work on my quilts serially ... one at a time, one after another. I don't get so frustrated with juggling multiple projects that way.

    However, lately, I have been simply inundated with ideas for quilts and I feel as though I want to work on ALL OF THEM *now*. Simultaneously. :-)

    I was on a piecing kick for a while and really churned them out, so there's still a backlog of tops/batting/backing bundles to be quilted.

    I've yet to figure out how I can be quilting one quilt on Lizzie, piecing another top and working on a design for a third ... at the same time. :-)

  3. Lauren the Brit says "whilst"!