Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Take 5": teacups and fancy desserts finished

Here is the latest *top* that I've finished.  The pattern is "Take 5" (TP500) from The Teacher's Pet.  You won't see this fussy cut version on the cover nor in the instructions, but I saw it as a store sample. 

The top is 49" x 72-1/2" but will shrink slightly once it's quilted.

The quilt consists of exactly ONE block, so it's incredibly easy to construct.  The pattern calls for 5 different fabrics and once the blocks are constructed, you twist and turn the blocks to produce a very lively layout.  My fussy cut layout is much more structured. :-)

I fussy cut teacup fabric ("Delectable Collectables" by Holly Holderman for Lake House Dry and a fancy dessert fabric (no identification information on the selvage).

Originally, I had purchased online a vastly different border stripe fabric in pink & gray to use.  But when it arrived, I saw that the pink was actually more peach in tone and it unfavorably contrasted with the bubble gum pin of the quilt.  I was disappointed because this border stripe looked SO wonderful online ... but that's the problem with buying online .. you don't get the true colors.

Fortunately, I had another floral border stripe in my stash, one that DD #3 (who now prefers to be known as "pirate cupcake"!)  liked much better.   How fortunate, as this quilt is going to her. :-)

I must admit to a love affair with border stripes.  I LOVE using them, especially when I can do mitered corners.  I LOVE mitered corners!  I feel so smug when they come out practically perfectly matched and flat at the corner.

Yes, yes ... clever eyes will ascertain that I did not match the florals in the miter.  It's good enough for me that the STRIPES match ... I don't care to be crazy OCD about everything.  :-)

Truth be told, I actually did prefer the other border stripe fabric ... it was a simpler design.  I think I suited the busy piecework better.  This floral border stripe is a tad too busy for my taste, but since DD#3 likes it better,that's all that matters.

but wait! there's more!  :-)    Just as when you make a block like Flying Geese or a Snowball, if the block is big enough, you get a 'bonus' half-square triangle from the corners that are cut off ... so to with mitered border stripes!  This border was large enough (7-1/2" wide) so that I got 4 bonus mitered half-square triangle blocks, which I will use to make a throw pillow for DD#3 .. er, sorry ... pirate cupcake. :-)

Alas, DD#3 will need to wait for this to be quilted, as there is a messload of other quilts ahead of it.  :-)


  1. It looks great! I have never seen this fabric with the cups.

  2. Hiya, Fiesta. OH! I should have done this before I made the entry .... the teacup AND the fancy dessert fabric can be found at and ... I wish the store where I bought the fabric had some of the others in that line! They are *gorgeous*.

    Looking with search engine, I found the teacup fabric at
    (they also have the fancy desserts fabric)