Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the Chemisette Purse

Have I mentioned that  in addition to quilting, I also sew?  :-)

The latest project, which does include some nominal quilting, is two Chemisette purses.  The pattern comes from Craftapple and is an easily constructed purse.  One version features a gathered top, inspired by Victorian era chemisettes ( a garment worn under corsets) and the other style is a flat top, perfect for embellishing or featuring a wonderful fabric.

The interior has two pockets ... I sub-divided one for a cell phone.  The closure is a magnetic clasp; this is the first time I've frolicked with this particular item.  They are *awesome*. :-)

My intent for this blog is to talk about works in progress and stuff that I'm thinking of working on.  The FINISHED project gets its own page on my website, Dread Pirate Rodgers.

So while I'm giving you teaser pictures here to whet your appetite, do surf on over to the REAL Chemisette page where there are LOTS more pictures and (so typically!) LOTS more verbage. :-)

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