Thursday, August 12, 2010

Current Forever Project: Dress Me Up, dress 3

I've finished another hand embroidered dress block for the "Dress Me Up" quilt.  The pattern is from the Bobby Socks Quilt Company.

I ended up fusing a piece of lightweight interfacing to the skirt so as to help cover up the connecting threads between the leaves and flower clusters.  The skirt looks a little whiter than the rest of the block for that reason. 

I've been thinking about how to quilt these blocks.  I do *not* like the idea of quilting through the embroidery; that just upsets my sensibilities. :-)  Then, it occurred to me that I might possibly do a trapunto effect .... I would stitch a small, separate piece of batting behind the dress only, trim closely to the stitching.  Then, when the entire top is put on top of the batting for the entire quilt, only the dresses would have the extra batting and would puff up slightly (or so I hope) when I do the outline stitching.

The leaves are single straight stitches and the flower clusters are French Knots in light & dark purple plus dark gold.


  1. I love, love, love the toile.

  2. thank you, Lois! It was my first choice too ... but I really had some angst between it and the plain fabric background. Fortunately, Dear Daughter loves the toile, so I'm glad that all involved are happy. :-)