Sunday, February 02, 2014

"Circuit Board" flimsy completed

At Christmas 2012, I offered to make a quilt for my nephew.  After viewing samples of what I considered "masculine" layouts, he decided that he liked Carolina Patchwork's "Groove" best.   He changed the colors to what he liked.  I told him it would be "a while" before I got around to it but since he already had a quilt from me, it wasn't like he was being slighted.
As my luck would have it, my nephew liked the KING-SIZE version best.  Oy vey.  When finished, this quilt will be about 99"x117".  That's just a whole lotta real estate.
Finally, last month, I came to the conclusion that the quilt shouldn't be waiting any longer, so I started the piecing.  This is a fairly easy pattern, although you MUST pay attention to the layout so you cut the correct size pieces of each color needed. 
I started the piecing mid-January 2014 and finished on February 2, 2014.  The actual quilting will be deferred until later this year, when I have finished up other quilting projects that have precedence.
The pattern is called "Groove", a reference to the hippy-dippy 60's but to me, the graphic lines looked like circuit board lines, so that it what I am calling mine.  It's also a reference to the computer/technical job that my nephew has.
Although I made the largest size possible, the pattern allows for "cut down" sections to create crib, throw, twin and queen size quilts also.  

For example: the crib size is just the upper left corner of the quilt.
The throw size expands the crib size slightly.

If you look at the two photos, you can clearly see the crib size is contained within the throw size.

The twin and queen sizes are a similar expansion ... slightly longer and wider than the throw.

The curves are similar to a Drunkard's Path block: there is a concave piece and a convex piece.  Templates for these curves are included with the pattern.  They are *perfectly* drafted and the curves are gentle enough so they can be sewn together without any problems at all.

I am very pleased with this flimsy and look forward to when I actually get around to quilting it.  ALTHOUGH .. at 99"x 117" it's going to be just a long, long slog to get it done.