Thursday, August 19, 2010

"4-Patch and Furrows" top completed!

As mentioned in a previous entry, the free pattern is available at Bonnie Hunter's website page:  "4-Patch and Furrows".  This version is a variation to use up the hand-pieced 4-patches leftover from a previous project. 

Deciding against the standard "slab-o-border" treatment for this quilt as called for in the pattern, I extended the diagonal color bands to create the border.  While the fabrics used in the half-square triangle blocks of the center 4-patch section that form the diagonal bands are the same (i.e. all the half-square triangle blocks are identical), I chose to use a variety of burgundy and ecru fabrics for a scrappy look in the outer border.

Why?  Oh heck, I simply didn't have enough of any two fabrics in those colors in my stash!  But I sure did have a lot of smaller hunks that worked out rather nicely. :-)

When I had initially finished the center 4-patch section, I had entertained thoughts of splitting into to 2 smaller pieces, so I could make 2 additional charity quilts (with appropriate borders to bring those smaller sections up to their minimum size).    Even though the brown/ecru/red color scheme matches NOTHING in my house, I became increasingly enamored of this layout.  I eventually decided that I liked it enough to keep it for myself.  :-)  I can always make other charity quilts.  :-)

The dimensions of the top are 64"x78" but that will shrink slightly when it's quilted.  Like all the other tops I've recently completed, this one will go on the pile of Tops to be Quilted. :-)

Now ..... on to that pile of pinwheel blocks!


  1. Really a snazzy quilt! Can't blame you for wanting to keep it.

    Are the weight of those tops causing your house to tilt a little toward the left, or do you plan to anchor Lizzie to the floor with them?

  2. ::snarf:: oh my ... I think if the house was going to tilt, it would have done so LONG ago, simply from the weight of my fabric stash! :-)

    As I told Mr. Pirate, just the other day .... I'm working on using it up! :-)