Sunday, August 08, 2010

French Braid top completed

Whilst on an Adventure in June, I bought a roll of 18 FQs of  Northcott's "Stonehenge" line (cool palette) from Log Cabin quilt store in Oakdale, CA (no website available) without knowing what I was going to do with them.  After looking at a number of possibilities, I finalized on a French Braid layout, "Center-Out French Braids" from the book 'French Braid Quilts' by Jane Hardy Miller with Arlene Netten.

I wanted to use just the 18 FQs that I had and not buy any more .. or at least a minimally more.  Eventually, I bought some yardage online to do the sashing and borders.  Most of the photos in the book show a lovely color gradient from light to/from dark, usually monochromatic.  Or a fantastic rainbow scheme.  But I needed to work with the colors that I had.  Fortunately, the internet is full of *other* French Braid photos and I was able to see other color schemes that inspired me to create the one that I eventually used.

The layout that I liked ... and wanted to do .. wasn't the easiest one.  Of course not. :-)  *and* I didn't have enough of any one fabric for the small squares used as the accent squares, so I mixed the accent squares between 2 different colors.

The construction technique isn't particularly difficult but you DO need to be very aware of what color goes where.  Get one color out of sequence and you have some ripping to do. [cue Voice of Experience]. 

The top finished at 72"x94" ... which is an over-wide twin or an under-wide double/full.  I really, REALLY like this layout and might even consider making another one (or two) from the same book ... after I've done all the OTHER projects I'd like to do. :-)

This top joins the others in the stack of Tops To Be Quilted.

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  1. Just beautiful. I think that Stonehenge range is wonderful and your design really does it justice. You do such beautiful work/play.