Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sawtooth Star #2 gets finished

When last we viewed this project in April 2010, it was just a pieced top.  I was on a roll ... piecing my little heart out and didn't want to stop to do the quilting.

Well, I think I am all pieced out for now and I have now returned to that ... OMG .. ginormous stack of tops to be quilted!

First to be quilted was the Sawtooth Star #2.  It used up more of the equilateral triangles that I had made (when I re-discovered a nifty specialty ruler for making such blocks).

It also used up the remaining Sawtooth Star blocks from  a long-ago swap (circa 2000).

I got to practice more quilting.  It's *so* much better to be practicing on a real quilt rather than on muslin.  EVEN if you've drawn quilt blocks on the muslin, there's nothing quite like using the real thing instead of a substitute!

As usual, I ran into a number of obstacles in the piecing but came up with an equal number of solutions. :-)

As is my practice, this *blog* is used for what I've been working on at the current time.  As each project gets completed, I create a web page just for it, which talks about that project in much more depth.

For all the gory details, links and more pictures, please visit my web page for the Sawtooth Star #2 quilt.

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