Sunday, August 03, 2014

A hexie bag with zippered top

I have recently fallen under the spell of English Paper Piecing.  Not only do I love the absolute uniformity of the pieces but it's a fantastic take-along project.

While on our recent family vacation, I had prepped a bunch of small sized hexies.  No, not the inconceivable 1/4" hexies; I'm not THAT insane. :-)   My "small" hexies are 2" point to point / 1.5" top to bottom.  You may say that those are HUGE hexies but, again, I say 'no' because they ARE small when compared to the 4" point to point / 3.5" top to bottom hexies I'm using in my current Forever Project. :-)  (still a WIP)

My goal for vacation was to "make" the fabric for the front and back of a small zippered bag.  I'm proud and happy to say that I achieved my goal!  I sewed all the hexies together.  I sewed the hexies to the contrast top band.  I sandwiched the layers and even ... hold on to your hats ... *hand-quilted* the front and back "fabrics"!

The hand-quilting bit may not seem like a big deal but *I do not hand-quilt*, so yeah ... it IS a big deal.   There was also an Adventure involved with obtaining the hand-quilting thread, which you will need to read on the web page to find out what happened.  :-)

I eventually got the little bag sewn up, lined with red taffeta.  It has a "wide open" access, which I've linked to on the webpage.

That picture is just a teaser! For all the gory details, links and more pictures, please visit my web page for the Hexie zipper bag quilt.