Friday, August 20, 2010

Current project: Pinwheel Frame

version 1: staggered small blocks
I'm now working on using the pinwheel blocks I've made from the bonus half-square triangle blocks created from the 4-patch Sawtooth Star quilt top.  I ended up with 2 different sized pinwheel blocks: 6" and 7" (finished).

I've looked at LOTS of layouts that could use pinwheels.  I've doodled several layouts.  I think I've settled on using the pinwheels as a frame around a center medallion.  I'll alternate the two different size pinwheel blocks. 

EQ helped me visualize two layouts: one with the smaller blocks staggered and the other layout with the smaller blocks centered between the larger blocks.

version 2: centered small blocks
The center medallion is 21"x35" and "something" will go in there.  At this point, I haven't a clue what.  The gray that I've put in these drawings is just a placeholder ... I haven't decided what color the background should be because I haven't drawn (or stolen) a design yet. :-)

The overall size is 37"x51".

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