Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Look Who Came To Dinner

The Pirate household is in surburbia.  However, we do have a sizeable lot (nearly 1 acre) for suburbia and there is open space nearby.  Our own household animals currently include 3 cats and 20 chickens.  The cats stay away from the chickens. :-)

We have observed, at times, a random deer or two and a flock of turkeys (never around Thanksgiving time, though).   We also know that raccoons live "someplace" and possums are nearby also.

It was last night that Mr. Pirate whispered loudly for me to come to the back door, which leads out onto our deck.  There, enjoying the remains of the cat crunchies were Peter and Paul Possum.

You'll need to excuse the graininess of the photos; I was taking the pictures through the screen door.

The possum in the back is nose-deep in the cat crunchy container.

Possums are really, really homely animals.  They have that pointy rat face, a skinny rat tail and sparse hair.

In fact, their only endearing quality is that the (allegedly) will keel over 'dead' if frightened.

Don't think we didn't give that more than a passing thought, as we watched them through the screen door. :-)

The cat crunchies were nearly gone when Rocky Raccoon showed up.

Raccoons are cuter.  What's not to like about that cute little masked face and clever use of their paw/hands?

Despite what the picture shows, it was not the Peaceable Kingdom on the deck.

There was some 'scarey' noise and Rocky Raccoon was off like an shot.

Peter (or is that Paul? Dang, I can never remember who is who!) calmly remained to munch on the cat crunchies.

Not to worry, though.  After Peter (or was that Paul?) had finished his repast, Rocky returned for the remains of the remains.

Such is the nighttime excitement in the Pirate household. :-)

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