Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Absolute LAST project for 2012

For whatever reason, last night, as we were waiting for the New Year to roll in, I got a wild hair in my bonnet to make a new project.

I have a bunch of pearl jewelry.  A couple of years ago, I had a jeweler separate the fake from the real pearls for me.  When I got home, I put them into separate hard cases, so they wouldn't get mixed up again.

The wild-hair-project that I thought of was to make two jewelry rolls, one for each of the pearl jewelry.  I did a Google/Image search for inspiration, made a practice jewelry roll for the fake pieces and then, a nicer roll for the real pearl jewelry.

I was exceedingly pleased to be able to make each one with supplies I had on-hand ... fabric, batting and zippers.  The jewelry rolls feature a zippered compartment for each of the pearl jewelry piece, lined with a soft material for the pearls to rest against, and a separating zipper on the outside to secure it.   I identified each roll with an embroidered label ... which is getting kinda fancy but I really DO need to use my embroidery machine more! :-)

Here's a picture of the jewelry roll for the real pearls: 

Those pictures are just teasers! For all the gory details and more pictures, please visit my web page for the Jewelry Roll project.

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  1. Nothing like counting down the old year with stitches...heading to your web page..