Sunday, January 20, 2013

Golden Angel wall-hanging: another previously finished proejct

During last year's (2011) Quilting Retreat in Phoenix, AZ, I found a pre-printed panel from Michael Miller.  It was of an angel holding a lamb.  It was simply spectacular.  I knew that one of Mr. Pirate's cousins would love it *and* appreciate the work that would go into making something with it.

Michael Miller's company does have a suggested project but it really is dismal.  So, I made up my own. :-)

I bordered the panel with Dupioni silk (*NEVER AGAIN*), put machine embroidered words (individually stitched letters put into Cathedral Window blocks) along the right side and along the bottom.

In the bottom right corner, I put an embroidered angel by Sonia Showalter.

Even with the problems I had with longarm quilting the Dupioni silk (*NEVER AGAIN*!), I think it came out very nicely.

Those pictures are just teasers! For all the gory details, links and more pictures, please visit my web page for the Golden Angel wall-hanging.

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