Sunday, January 13, 2013

A not-so-recently-finished project

About a year ago, I received some die cut Apple Core pieces from a quilting friend. In an uncustomary rush of timeliness, I actually made a table runner from the pieces *right then*. [I think the Earth might have been shocked into tilting a bit more on its axis because of this.)

Even though it's a small project, I quilted it on Lizzie. It was just easier for me to do so than quilting it on my Janome 6500.

The table runner as been in use since then but it's only *now* that I've gotten around to making a web page. Now, this is more like me! Procrastinators unite!

That picture is just a teaser! For all the gory details, links and more pictures, please visit my web page for the Apple Core table runner quilt.

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