Thursday, January 24, 2013

Support Your Local Quilt Store Day

Well, today is "Support Your Local Quilt Store Day".  I hadn't intended on making a run out there cuz Lord knows I have enough fabric stockpiled and I'm back to working on my List of 17 Unquilted tops.

Which brings me to why I patronized my local quilt store: thread.  I just don't have a whole LOT of quilting thread in various weights.

The project that I'm going to be quilting next is called "Grapes", a needle-turn applique wall-hanging that I blogged about here.    I've been studying this wall-hanging and .. oh hooray! ... have come up with a quilting plan!  I'm glad this time it was fairly easy to decide what to do.

BUT ... I didn't have the proper colors nor the proper weight thread, hence my trip to the local quilt store.  My mission was successfully accomplished, I'm happy to say.

The thread I picked up is Superior's "Bottom Line" in light green (#614) and  deep purple (#631).  They are going to be used for the stitch in the ditch around the appliques and for stitching the background designs. 

For this wall-hanging, I don't want the quilting per se to stand out.  Since Bottom Line is so fine, it will work out wonderfully.   I didn't buy Superior's "So Fine" line because it doesn't have the shades that I need.

The one other thread that I'll be using for the wall-hanging is Fil-Tec's "Glide" thread.  I've used this on a couple of other quilts and am simply in love with it.  It's a trilobal polyester and literally slides through Lizzie .. no tension problems at all.   I'll be using this thread for some accent quilting lines. 

I'm working on my local quilt stores to start carrying it. :-)

So, that was my stimulation of the economy today.  Next up: marking the wall-hanging so that I have some quilting guidelines.  I can see, in my mind, so clearly how I want this wall-hanging to look like.  I have every hope and anticipation that my vision will become a reality.

I also have my fingers crossed. :-)

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