Friday, July 02, 2010

I have *how* many tops lined up??

Now that Lizzie is back in fighting form, I've been busily quilting the crisis nursery quilts.  I've done 3 so far (blogged about previously) and just this morning went digging round my sewing studio for the other one.


It was actually MORE than "one" that I found.  There were 7, yeah count 'em SEVEN tops ready to go. It's a wide variety of sizes: toddler quilts, throw size, a *generous* throw and a twin.

Two of the tops have backings.  One of those backings is fleece, so that one won't require batting.

That still leaves 6 tops that I need to acquire batting for and 5 tops that need backings.

Rooting around for what else I can find .... oh geez ... TWO MORE TOPS.  One of them has a backing; both need batting.


Let's mosey on over to the room where Lizzie lives and see what I uncover there. 

Oh yeah .. the fleece yardage.  When Joann's has a sale on fleece, I buy a bunch with the idea of using them as backings.  Some times I simply bind them, do machine embroidery designs in a corner and use as-is ... but these 7 fleece yardage pieces can certainly be used as backings .. no batting required.  I'm not entirely certain that they coordinate with any of the tops I've done, so these might be backings in search of a top.

Returning to the sewing studio ... Geez, Louise!  More backings!  The rainbow is yardage but the 3 plaids are stadium blankets that a local drug store was selling for $2.50 each.  !!!!

You can't BUY that much fleece as yardage for only $2.50!  So, I rummaged around what was on the shelf and picked out the ones that looked more suitable for kid's quilts.  The other stadium blankets they had were much more somber and dull.

These are in search of a coordinating top.

Oh, and let's not forget the OTHER bed sized tops that I have previously finished but not quilted ... there's
  1. the Mardi Gras Mariner's compass from 2002. It's still a single big block with delusions of becoming a quilt.
  2. Wheel of Fortune from 2003. This doesn't count as a top cuz they are just blocks but I probably ought to include them anyway.
  3. Chiclets from 2006. This is a king size top. Oy.
  4. Ah! Real Monsters from 2007. This a double quilt. I think.
  5. God's Eye scrap quilt from 2008. Another BIG quilt
  6. A Stacked-and-Whacked Pirate from 2008. O.M.G. This is huger than huge; bigger than big. This one is the 800 lb gorilla that I'm ignoring.
  7. Faux Stained Glass wall hanging from 2008. I completely forgot about this one
  8. "Journey to Phoenix" from 2009. The top is done but no page to look at yet.
I'm not even counting the "kits" that I've created for myself that are complete with fabric & pattern.  Nor the fabric bought cuz I liked it but don't have patterns or idea.  Nor the patterns I've bought but no fabric.  Nor the sketchbook of ideas waiting for implementation.

I think I have a problem.  :-)

Anyone Out There have a similar problem?  Would you like to talk about it? [grin]


    1. Me? I have no problem...all under control...(waiting for lightening to strike)..

      What you need is a quilters' intervention...

      Warning! do not stack or store them together! Once they find they outnumber you, they will all band together and march on you and Lizzie! You will never do housework again!

    2. housework? You are obviously under the disillusion that I ever *do* housework. :-)

      But the suggestion against too much togetherness with the quilt tops is well taken. :-)

    3. hmmmmmmmmm ........ let me check my little closet again. Hey Shelley me thinks quilt tops multiply like our stash piles.