Saturday, July 10, 2010

YACQ: 9-patch Trucks

Here's another charity quilt that has gotten finished.

Originally planned as a pieced backing for different top, when I rediscovered my fleece yardage, I used fleece as the backing and the former backing became a top. :-)

Lots of stuff going on during the creation of this quilt ... I've mentioned in another post how I stabilized the stretchy edge of the fleece so I could use it on my longarm, Lizzie.

I also put together an totally Rube Goldberg contraption so I could do the pantograph FROM THE FRONT (!!!) of Lizzie. I had to attach the laser to the front, as well as working out a panto shelf. It worked out surprisingly well, although there was a small snafu when I quilted the second border. :-)

The DETAILS of how I put this contraption together is on the web page ... link is below.

Pantograph quilting, free-motion ribbon meanders and template continuous curves were all used to quilt this quilt.

The very last remaining scraps of fabric were used to create a strip set so I could have diagonally striped bias binding.

There's lots of verbage ... uh ... substantially more than usual :-) .. and lots of pictures for visual interest.

For all the gory details and lots of pictures, please visit my web page for the 9-Patch Trucks quilt.

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