Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shhh! It's a secret pocket!

When you travel, you need a place to put valuables when you're not in your room.  Short of a safe on the premises,  hiding what you have is all you can do to safeguard them.

And that's where the Hanging Zipper Caddy from Carol A. Brown comes in!  If you read the information at that link, you'll find a PDF file for directions on how to make it.

Although my version has the same purple denim front and back, Carol shows how you can use different fabrics so that the backing fabric emulates a contrast binding on the sides.

Use different colored zippers and surprise fabrics to make the two pockets and your hanging caddy will turn out cuter than a bug's ear as well as being useful!

For all the gory details,  links to the embroidery design and more pictures, please visit my web page for the Hanging Zipper Caddy

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