Monday, July 12, 2010

YACQ: Sawtooth Stars #1

Yep, this is Yet Another Charity Quilt. :-)

The Sawtooth Stars blocks came from a circa-2000 swap on the Quilting Forum when it was on Delphi (it since moved to  Sadly, the blocks from that swap varied in size; I think people didn't read the directions correctly because half of the blocks were 8" finished and half were 7-1/2" finished.   And, what's even sadder is that many of the star points were clipped.   :-(   I'm pretty sure that's one reason why I put all the blocks away .. there was really no way I could resurrect them.

Fast forward to 2010 ... I realized I could divide the stars into two groups.  One group made this quilt; the other group made another quilt.

I alternated the Star blocks with plain fabric blocks.  The pieced border is equilateral triangle blocks, made from the *neatest* ruler set that I bought YEARS ago and only recently rediscovered.  :-)

I quilted a swirly-curly design in the blue borders, a continuous curve in the equilateral triangles and a pantograph just in the middle.

Once again, I did the pantograph from the front of Lizzie and although I can't make as many passes from the front as from the back, I feel much more confident about where the design is going, *especially* since it is strictly in the middle section of the quilt.

Remember .. these blog pages are just a tease to whet your appetite and prompt you to see ALL the verbage, etc on my webpage. :-)

For all the gory details, links and more pictures, please visit my web page for the Stawtooth Star #1 quilt.

Yes, there actually IS a Sawtooth Star #2, but it hasn't been quilted yet. :-)

Be patient, young grasshopper.

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