Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's on the design wall?

Well, not exactly the design *wall* but the design *floor* this time. 

Why?   I'm doing a French Braid quilt.  It's a column quilt and the French Braid column, when done, is all bias along its length.  I'm not comfortable with pinning it to my design wall (the real one!) until the sides of the French Braid have been stabilized with on-grain borders ... and it's not time to do that yet.

I'm using the roll of Northcott's "Stonehenge" FQs, which I bought last month and it was quite the puzzle to come up with a color scheme and layout using ONLY those FQs.  My version may not look quite as dramatic as those in the book, but I'm really trying to minimize any additional fabric purchases.

Why another pieced top when I know I have others ready to be quilted on Lizzie?  Simple ... I know those other tops can wait a little longer.  Ageing, as it were.  But, I got a bee in my bonnet to do SOMETHING with those Stonehenge FQs before I lost them in my sewing room.  Hence, I have put the quilting on hiatus in favor of working on my newest pieced top.

I think it's doggone pretty, so far.  I've gone somewhat astray, colorwise,  from what is suggested in the book, but I really do want to stick with the FQs that I have.  I'm thinking that I will need to buy yardage for the final borders and backing although I'm trying to keep the purchases to a minimum.


  1. The colors are terrific! Sometimes we just have to do something new and different.

  2. the quilt tops will age like a fine wine :) lovely lovely colours, and unusual setting. can't wait to see it evolve

  3. Oh Shelley, always a step ahead!!

    I picked up some stonehenge FQs to use in a french braid quilt I have been collecting material for over the last few shopping trips --- I have to say, if mine turns out half as lovely as yours I will be THRILLED!

    Don't worry about those tops waiting their turn on Lizzie .. she needs a rest :)