Wednesday, June 30, 2010

YACQ: Sashed Disappearing 9-Patch

So, what is a YACQ??   (you Trekkies will immediately recognize the similarity to the Star Trek acronym YATI .. Yet Another Trek Inconsistency ).  Well, in this case, it's not an inconsistency but Yet Another Charity Quilt. :-)  I have quite a few tops left on the pile, so you may be seeing this acronym again. :-)

Hot on the heels of my Alternating 9-patch toddler quilt, comes the latest crisis nursery quilt .. this time a sashed disappearing 9-patch.  There are a LOT of ways to lay out the disappearing 9-patch blocks and this sashed version is one of the very attractive ones.

As can be SOP with me, there was DRAMA in the construction of this quilt.  Limited fabric selection!  Running out of fabric! Not big enough! and the ever-present .. omg .. how do I quilt this thing?

I used one of the meandering designs from Darlene Epp's "Pocket Guide to Freehanding" books that I had previously used on one of the doodle cloths for the middle of the quilt and Sally Terry's "Hooked on Feathers" in the borders.

Have I mentioned before that Darlene Epp's books are something that you NEED TO HAVE in your library?  Have I mentioned that Sally Terry's book is AWESOME?  Get that one too.

Geez, I wish I got a kickback or freebie every time I gushed about those books. :-)

For all the gory details, fulsome verbage and lotsa pictures, you gotta go to my web page. :-)

Here is the link for the web page for this quilt.

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