Monday, June 21, 2010

What's on the design wall?

I have two active projects going right now: a Forever Project (which is intended to take "forever" to finish and is portable so I can work on it even when I'm not at my sewing maching) and a charity quilt.

First, the Forever Project.
I think this is my 4th or 5th Forever Project ... they just don't make 'em like they used to.  :-)   Moondance was Block of the Month in 2004 from Beth Ferrier of Applewood Farms.  It's no longer available as a BOM, but you can still buy it in book form.

There are 9 *big* pieced blocks: they were easy enough to knock out one a day.  Then there the connector blocks.  Those were also fairly easy.

Then came all the appliqued flowers.  There are 43 of them.  ::sigh::  *THIS* was the Forever part.  I swear I was making those flowers since 2000 .. which would be a real feat, since this project came out in 2004.  :-)  I was delighted and surprised when I finally finished the last flower!

There are also 18 dragonflies.   You will notice that is NOT an appliqued dragonfly.  My goodness, do you know how SKINNY dragonfly bodies are???  Well beyond *my* mediocre applique skills!

However, all was not lost!  I thought that I might have a machine embroidery design of a dragonfly and I was right.  They are all done as a free-standing lace type, as they have been made on water soluble stabilizer.

Here is where I am right now:  these are the bottom 3 rows.  You can see a white square on the extreme left side of the top ... those are paper row markers.   The bottom 2 rows (#6 & #7) have been appliqued with their flowers and dragonfly and have been sewn together.  The 3rd from the bottom row (#5) is just pinned above row #6.  I'm busy appliquing flowers and dragonflies to row #5.

Second active project: charity quilt
Nearby to me is a crisis nursery, Bay Area Crisis Nursery. (i.e., it's not a chain or wide spread).  I like it specifically because it's a one-of-a-kind LOCAL crisis place.  I support it by making toddler quilts.

A while ago, I received a bunch of nifty, neato quilting fabrics from my local Freecycle group.  A lady was doing a remodel, cleaned out her closet and realized that she was never, ever going to make quilts with the fabric that she found.  I got the fabric.  :-)

The fabrics were of a color palette and design that I would never have ordinarily bought, so it's been interesting to work with them.  In addition to yardage, there were also several 13"x17" pieces ... they looked like sales representative samples to me, but I'm not sure.  It was VERY interesting trying to find a layout that would work nicely with those size pieces!

The quilt above is a WIP ... the turquoise is the Freecycle fabric and I am augmenting it with additional fabrics from my stash.  Unfortunately, see the coral setting triangles on the sides?  I've now officially run out of that fabric and I still need to put more square-in-a-square blocks on the top & bottom.  ::sigh::

Obviously, what is going to be used is a coordinating fabric.  Hopefully, it will look like a "design choice" and not an act of desperation!

And that's what's on my design wall now.

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