Monday, June 21, 2010

In Which We Begin

I've resisted having a blog for a VERY long time.  Mainly because I have never liked diaries, journals or generally noting what is happening on any sort of regular basis.

But, over on's Quilting Forum, where I have been a participant since Before Dirt, there is a topic titled "Sew Daily Challenge".  It was created so that we could essentially jot down the 15 minutes a day that we did creative stuff related to sewing.  The concept was that you can do amazing things in just 15 minutes a day.  (Of course, the same thing could be applied to house cleaning, but we are not going to go there.)

It seemed to me that as I posted the small things I was doing on a (kinda/sorta, more or less, not exactly) daily basis, *this* was a blog of sorts ... only everything that I was doing would get lost in the postings of what everyone ELSE was doing.

Hence, the resurrection of this blog.

My intent is to talk about what I'm doing on a (kinda/sorta, more or less, not exactly) daily basis.  No promises!  The UFOs that I'm working on, the quilting that are loaded on Lizzie (my longarm quilting machine is a Tin Lizzie 18), ideas floating through my head, the bizarre/mutant/idiotic chickens we have, and just "stuff".

And since this is just *my* stuff that I'll be talking about, I will have a record to look back on.  Maybe "stuff" won't get lost so easily.  :-)

For anyone who happens upon this blog, I welcome your comments.  Of course, if you are a scum bag, heave-ho, ye scurvy cockroacher .... we don't wants your kind on this blog!


  1. A quilting pirate? HHMMM...unusual but I suppose it could work! LOL! :) As long as you don't steal my stash!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and of course, there is only ONE way to spell Shelley!:)

  2. I just want to say Welcome to Blogging! Shelley!---and I'm going to enjoy your blog I'm sure as you do so many wonderful projects. See you in blogger-ville!