Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doodle cloths

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My latest project to be finished is a set of 8 cage liners .... comfy, quilted pads that will be placed in the cages at our veterinarian's so that the animals have something nicer to lie on than the towels the staff currently uses.

I needed to practice my longarm quilting designs but didn't want to waste a perfect good top just to practice, hence the doodle cloths.  I don't need them when I'm done but they are still useful.

Check out my feather meandering!!   Pretty doggone good for the first time!

I am using Darlene Epp's "Pocket Guide to Free Handing" as my reference and OMG, what a resource this is!  LOTS and LOTS of meanders, borders/sashing and textures/fills. 

I sure wish I had known about this series years ago!  :-)

I'm eagerly looking forward to more doodling and becoming a more competent longarm quilter.

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