Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another charity quilt top

I support a local crisis nursery by making toddler sized quilts for them.  As a child leaves the crisis nursery, he/she can take a blanket/quilt with him, so there is a never ending need for these items.

Like so many of the tops I have been making for the crisis nursery, I have been using the fabric I obtained through my local Freecycle group. I augment that fabric with coordinating pieces from my stash and piece together batting from leftovers from previous projects.  All in all, a rather satisfying way to use every single resource available. :-)

However, this particular top didn't turn out quite as nicely as I had envisioned.  The center medallion, made from Freecycle fabric + stash wasn't nearly big enough, so I sewed on a narrow turquoise border.  To bring it up to the necessary minimum size, I would need to put some HUMUNGOUS borders on it, which didn't please me.

So, I decided to substitute pieced borders instead.  I fussy cut some florals for the center of a square-in-a-square block.  Those blocks were put on-point. 

Since I was using stash remnants as the coordinating fabric, I kept running OUT of fabric I was using for the setting triangles for the on-point square-in-a-square blocks.  That's why the setting triangles for the top/bottom borders are different from those in the side borders.  ::sigh::  AND I eventually ran out of the fussy cut florals.    That's why the corner square-in-a-square blocks are *completely* different from those in the borders.  ::sigh::

Once the setting triangles were sewn on, I realized that the original narrow turquoise border I had put on wasn't going to work .. the float border between the center medallion and the pieced block border needed to be MUCH wider.  Fortunately, I did have more than enough of the turquoise fabric to recut new float borders.  I should have just waited to cut the float border once the pieced blocks were done, but at the time I sewed on the original narrow border, I hadn't thought of the pieced blocks.  Hindsight is 20/20, ya know?

Sadly, the math for the top/bottom & side float borders didn't work out nicely at all.  The corners of the pieced borders and the float border are horribly done.  You're not going to see pictures of them. :-)

This top will go on the pile of other tops waiting to be quilted.

Since I now have quite a stack of tops to be quilted (along with companion batting & backings), I am going to take a small break from piecing and work on the quilting.

There is still a nice pile of Freecycle fabric to be made into quilts, so I'm not quite done with that .... it will just need to wait for a while.  :-)

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