Monday, June 28, 2010

a Bay Area Crisis Nursery quilt

I've mentioned before that I support a local crisis nursery by making quilts for the kids.  I have a whole pile of tops to be quilted and here is one that I've just finished ... a very simple alternating 9-patch. 

The fabric in the 9-patches and the narrow inner border came from my local Freecycle group; the alternating blocks and wide outer border came from my stash.

The center medallion is quilted with continuous curves, the narrow inner border has a wavy line and the wide outer border has a trillium leaf vine ... eventhough you can't see the quilting due to the busy-ness of the print, I wanted to quilt a design that I had recently practiced. :-)

Here is the link for the web page for this quilt.


  1. I like the simple 9 patch pattern of this quilt Shelley. I'm sure the quilting is wonderful too! Love the fabric colors! I'm enjoying your blog very much!

  2. thanks, Angie ... and I am most sincere when I say that I truly enjoy your blog also. :-)

    When I started doing these crisis nursery quilts, it was dead simple .. boring in fact. Then I got more involved and too much longer than I anticipated. I need to let the pendulum swing back to the middle so I have a quick-n-easy charity quilt that *looks* nice. :-)

    thanks for the compliment!