Friday, August 03, 2012

gosh, I love this template!

I have a Tin Lizzie longarm machine.  I just absolutely love my Lizzie and being able to quilt my projects myself.   There are certain tools that any longarm quilter needs to using the machine easier and to produce better results.

One such tool in my arsenal is Deloa Jones' "Rope A Dope" template for stitching a rope design.  It makes stitching a single rope design absolutely PAINLESS and ... OH MY GOSH ... the results are spectacular!   An instruction page comes with the template and I refresh my memory with those directions prior to using the tool.  There's also an instruction page on how to handle the corners so that the design looks continuous and effortless.

The template comes in different sizes, from 1.5" up to 3".  I have the 2", 2.5" and 3" ... so I wonder if the 1.5" came later?   I can't imagine that I wouldn't have purchased the entire set except for the smallest!  But now that I know there is a smaller size, I will have to acquire it to complete my collection.  :-)

On the website, I see that she has posted a sample idea of how to EMBELLISH the rope design.  Holy moley!  Is that a fantastic idea or what?  :-)

With her Rope A Dope, the resultant rope design looks so very complex but stitching it is just so *easy*!    Having that terrific design on the quilt makes you look so ... masterful and competent. :-)

I wish Deloa were compensating me for this post, but alas ... she is not.  This is just such a fantastic tool that has made my longarm experience so wonderful that I wanted to gush and let all the rest of you know about it also.  :-)

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