Friday, August 31, 2012

4-patch and Straight Furrows

All righty then ...  this is the last after-the-fact quilt I'll be posting for today!

Once again, let us journey back to 2010.  No, wait .. let's go further back than that ... back to 2005.

I was hand-piecing 4-patches.  Lots of 4-patches. I needed to be doing something "historically accurate" for a re-enactment Gold Rush mining town in the 1850's.  I made so many 4-patches that they were practically coming out of my ears.  The quilt for which they were intended was finally pieced in 2009; quilted and bound in 2010.

And I had a lot of 4-patches leftover.  A lot of them.

So, I made another quilt from them.  This one, "4-patches and Straight Furrows".  It's a free design from Bonnie Hunter's website but I changed how the borders look.  This quilt was pieced in 2010 and quilted in 2011.

I was doing a LOT of piecing (of a lot of different tops) in 2010; it was as though I was on an assembly line of piecing.  As soon as I finished one top, I dove right into the next one.  Not all of them got webpages made on a timely basis.

I've been updating the gallery pages on my website (man, just a whole lot of BORING technical things to change!) and I figured I probably should make web pages of the quilts where I could.  Hence the 3 new pages today!

Anyway, back to those 4-patches.  I thought I was done with them.  But no.  Oh no.  Little did I know that they were lurking around like dust bunnies.  I made another bed-sized quilt and two toddler quilts with excess 4-patches.  And ya know what?  I recently found SOME MORE!  My goodness ... where is the contraceptives for 4-patches????

So, during the website update, I made a page for this quilt ... there's lots of verbage and LOTS and LOTS of pictures, particularly of how I did the quilting.    The page is 4-patches and Straight Furrows.  :-)

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