Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another throw pillow: crazy patchwork

Spoiler alert:  Rene:  you said you don't read this blog at this time.  Continue to not read it, please.    To Rene's siblings and friends:  this project is for Rene.  She hasn't seen it yet.  Please let her revel in her ignorance of its existence.  :-)  (If I don't post about this project now, I'll forget all about it, being a card-carrying member of the Short Attention Span Theater Group).

Yep, another throw pillow!  I was smart enough not to make the same mistakes as I did on the knitted lace applique pillow.  Instead, I made a DIFFERENT mistake!  (didn't make the bias tape for the piping wide enough so that I needed to sew an extension to the piping seam allowance where the zipper was sewn.  Without the extension, there wouldn't have been enough fabric to sew the zipper *to*).  Heaven knows how I made the bias the correct size for the previous pillow but thoroughly miscalculated for this one.  ::shrug::

At least, I'm making progress in the mistake department.  :-)

I saw a small accent pillow featured on Hoffman Fabrics free project page.  I didn't like their fabric choices, but I *did* like the layout and the distribution of fabrics.

For my pillow, I needed to reduce the size of all the pattern pieces, as my pillow insert was smaller than theirs.  As this pillow is for my youngest Dear Daughter, I chose "her" colors (red) and novelty fabrics that reflect her interests (shoes, jewelry, baking, candy, desserts & coffee).

Additionally, I did some *VERY* simple crazy quilt embroidery for seam embellishments.  They are *really* simple because I really don't know how to combine stitches as the real crazy quilt embroiderers do.   That piece of knowledge has escaped me. :-)

The pictures below are just teasers! For all the gory details, links and more pictures, please visit my web page for the Crazy Patchwork throw pillow.

Here are two teaser photos of the crazy quilting embroidery ....

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