Friday, August 31, 2012

Friendship Braid quilt

Here's another quilt I made in 2010, for which I am just now creating its webpage.  This quilt was made for a cousin who was undergoing cancer treatments.  I backed it with fleece so that it would be very drapeable and snuggly.

I had a wonderful time quilting this quilt!  I used a flower meander from the Darlene Epp "Pocket Guide to Freehanding" and hooked feathers from Sally Terry's "Hooked on Feathers".  I heartily endorse both books (or set of books, in Darlene Epp's case); both of them absolutely, positively WILL help anyone and everyone improve their free-motion skills and creation of feathers.

The webpage for this quilt is "Friendship Braid for Terrye" and has a whole lotta pictures.

 Here's what the front looks like ....

and here a picture of one of the borders. 

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