Friday, August 31, 2012

Annika's cat panel quilt

Way back in September 2010 (yes, 2 years ago), I made a child's size quilt for Mr. Pirate's grand-niece (who would be the daughter of Mr. Pirate's niece).

For whatever reason, I never quite got around to sharing it but now that I'm in the process of updating my web pages, I've done so.

What is interesting .. in an unpleasant sort of way ... is that I *forgot* to take a picture of the final quilt.  Geez ..what a doofus.  Although I've asked Mr. Pirate's niece to take a picture for me, she has never quite gotten around to it and I'm reluctant to keep bugging her.

Fortunately, I had created a note file of the process in 2010, so that was the basis for the webpage.  Sadly, details on the actual quilting are kinda sparse, as I hadn't quite finished the note file, although I did have pictures.  Thank goodness for the pictures!  The finished quilt has a scalloped edge, faux trapunto'd cat appliques and some nicely free-motion quilted backgrounds.

So, the web page for Annika's Cat Panel Quilt  is now up and for more verbage (oh, LOTS of verbage!), photos and links, surf on over to it's webpage. :-)

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