Friday, October 14, 2016

"Stash Busting Stars" - star 2

Continuing with my progress on Esther Aliu's "Stash Busting Stars" project, I have finally finished star #2.  This one is made with rich, luxurious blues.

For the center, I chose a printed marble.  Obviously, real marbled fabric would be luscious, but printed marble is what I had in my stash.

Next came a hand dyed, mottled white/yellow/gray.  I had only a fat quarter of this fabric and it was just enough.  I found this fabric in a now-defunct fabric store in Alta, CA on our annual family camping vacation.  It's sad that quilting stores don't stay in business .... for a variety of reasons.  I know there is a HUGE quilt guild in that area but I suppose that the general economy just couldn't support a new quilt store when there were already three in the general vicinity .. although a major one that was simply overwhelming in its inventory closed its doors last year when the owners wanted to retire.

The third round was made from the remnants of a royal blue gradient fabric that is over-printed with gilt.  Oh My Goodness .. this fabric is SOOOOOOO beautiful!  I was exceedingly happy that I had enough leftover to be able to cut enough pieces for this round!

The last round is a solid navy blue.  I felt that a solid (or something that read as "solid") was needed just to give your eyeballs a place to rest, as the remainder of the stars are going to be busy enough. :-)

I've already picked out and cut the fabric for the Star #3 ... that will be green.   I'm looking forward to working on this new color.


  1. Love your stars! That is going to be a really pretty project and looks like you are really enjoying the process.

  2. Ami, it turns out that I just truly enjoy EPP. Who knew? :-) While I'm working on these stars, I also have another mindless hexie project going on. I'm also thinking that I really want to do Baby Tumbling Blocks as an EPP project so I don't have to mess with all those annoying Y-seams on the machine.

    I don't mind Y-seams but an entire quilt of them? I don't think so. I know you can make that layout with HST but that's just plain cheating. :-) Not that I'm above cheating, you understand, but I'd like to do it "proper". :-)

    The sad thing is that I can't work on all the EPP projects that I'd like to at the same time! Oh, I suppose I could have a LOT of concurrent ones, but progress on each one would be painfully slow. It's best that I just keep future ones in mind and continue with what I'm working on until it's done. :-)