Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Stash Busting Stars" - star 3

First half star ... so pretty!
I came >thisclose< to finishing MUCH earlier than I actually did with this star.   The 6 inner diamonds were to be made from a printed green marble .. a very pretty design, if I say so myself.

I stitched all the appropriate pieces and sub-units.  Then came the assembling of the star itself ... first one half and then the other.  The first half turned out beautifully.

ACK!!   How did those pieces get in the center??
The second half was stitched together in good fashion but when I put the two halves to together to admire my work ...


Remember that I said the green marble was to be in the center?  Well, somewhere along the line, I simply wasn't paying attention and assembled the WRONG PIECES in the center.

Geez, Louise.   What an incredibly STUPID thing to have done.  Not only do I have to rip out all that hand stitching but then I have to go back over the same real estate and stitch it back together .... CORRECTLY.

I tell you, I was sorely vexed.

ahhhh!!!  A nicely completed star!
But ... it obviously needed to be done, since the second half was unusable as it was.  Even with sporadic interruptions during the rest of the evening, I did get Stash Busting Star #3 completed.

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  1. The finished block is beautiful! Last Summer I had to rip apart a whole wall hanging 12 blocks worth because I sewed them together wrong...........I feel your pain.