Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Stash Busting Stars" - progress continues with star #1

I've started a new hand-pieced project, Esther Aliu's "Stashing Busting Stars".   You can read about the first half-star I made here.

I thought that I would proceed on a 'one star a week' basis.  After all, once the fabric pieces have been cut out, all you have to do is wrap them around the templates and sew them up, right?

Bwahahahahaaaaa!   Yeah, right.

Seems that I forgot about how Life Gets In The Way. :-)

Right after I finished that half-star, I immediately plunged into my scrap bins and pulled out some fabric to make my first full star.  It took me slightly more than a week ... as I missed last Wednesday's linky on Esther's blog ... but as of today (Saturday, 9/24/16), I *have* finished it!  Woo hoo!

This is just the circular star portion of the block.  It finished at 19" diameter, which is less than the 21" dimension of the full block .. but that's because I have NOT determined what my background fabric will be.  The background fabric will make up the difference.

I don't intend on even thinking about the background fabric until I have more stars made .. a LOT more stars.  Since I plan in making these stars without regard to color planning, I can certainly defer decisions of the background fabric until much later.  Or until I find a Really Good Deal on an Obviously Suitable Background Fabric. :-)


  1. That is Stunning Pirate! Love.

    I was searching & searching for my copy of your binding tute but can't find a thing since moving down here into the I downloaded another copy & will keep it this time. I was ready to bind a machine mat w/ it done.You're the best Dear Shelley.
    Hugs, Debra in Ma.

  2. A stunning start to your Stash-busting Stars Shelley. Im Looking forward to seeing the ones that follow. Cheers Glenda