Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A UFO bin emptied!

I *really* have been concentrating on working on finishing up various UFOs that I had organized (some time ago) into a number of bins.   When that organization was done, I had at least 5 bins full of UFOs and WIPs.  I put my nose to the grindstone and steadily worked on either 1) finishing the UFO into a top or 2) deciding that the UFO wasn't giving me enough love to be worthy of being worked on.

I'm not sure exactly when I started on this specific bin but it was MANY months ago.  My efforts have been limited to simply making the UFO into a quiltable *top* ... but not necessarily *quilting* the top.  That step will occur later.  A lot later.

ohmygosh, a Red Letter Day!
An empty bin!
BUT ... today, I achieved an incredible accomplishment: I EMPTIED A UFO BIN.  Lordy, lordy ... do I feel ecstatic!!  I can't even tell you how many UFOs were in that bin, as I didn't think to count them when I started.  However, there were A LOT.  This bin was FULL of UFO packages .. all of them complete with patterns and fabric to make them.

Most of the UFOs were actually pieced together into a quiltable top.  As I remember, only 3 items were put into the "reject" pile, to be disposed of later on.  Two of those items were soft pre-printed fabric book panels, originally destined for a toddler, now long since grown out of that age group.  Fortunately, one of my forum quilting associates said that she was interested in buying them .. so voila!  Those items are now disposed of!   The one other "reject" had the fabrics put back into the general population and I will attempt to sell the pattern.

uh oh ... 13 UFO projects in here!
Not to waste time, I promptly pulled the next UFO bin from the shelf and put it in the batter's box, so to speak.

I counted the UFOs and there are 13 packages in this bin.  However, as I went through them, there is at least one that isn't going to be made .. it's a vest and I'm not into wearing vests any longer.

I'll put that pattern in the "to sell" pile and repurpose the fabrics.  I recognized some real humdingers in that bin; it's going to be an interesting assortment to work on.

Yep, time to organize this pile of scraps
And as long as I was tidying up and reorganizing that area of my sewing room, I decided that it was finally time to put my collection of scraps into their appropriate scrap baskets.   When I'm sewing, I have *one* all-purpose scrap bin that I toss all remnants, cut offs, etc into.  When it reaches the over-flowing stage ... that you see here ... then I'll stop what I'm doing and sort the scraps into colored bins.  And I did exactly that.

So, along with a new UFO bin to work from, I also have a newly emptied scrap basket.


  1. 1 bin many to go?

    1. Well, when I was doing the original re-organization, I filled 5 bins, but they weren't all the size of the one in the photo ... some were smaller. So, maybe it's more like 3.5 bins worth of projects to work on.

      I'll be busy for a while. :-)