Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Podcats" ... a throw pillow

Helene Knott is a prolific designer of applique quilts.  One such set of blocks is her "Garden Patch Cats".  They are of cats depicted as various vegetables and are simply terminally adorable. As the "Garden Patch Cats" is probably going to be about 35 patterns, you can pick and choose which ones you want to put in your own quilt.

I don't NEED another quilt project right now.  At the current time, I'm working on my List of 17 Tops that need to be quilted, so I am NOT NOT NOT piecing any new tops!

But I still need something to do in the evenings when I am watching TV.   So when I saw Podcats, I knew it was something that I could do that wouldn't result in another quilt.  I could make it as a throw pillow instead!

Rather than use predictable, normal colors for the cats' faces, I opted to make them in red, purple and blue.  No, don't be aghast .. there's a reason for this!

You see, when our girls were little, I "color coded" them.  Just about everything I bought them was in shades of those colors so that even before they could read, they *knew* which items belonged to them simply due to the color.

So when I saw Podcats ... those three cute little cat faces ... I immediately saw them in those colors.  :-)

This was a very fast project for me.  Even faster than I had anticipated.  I started it on February 12th, after I returned from my Quilting Retreat.  I got the applique done in three days, took a break, then finished it up yesterday (February 23rd).

I'm surprised but pleased that this project is done ... but now I need another project for the evenings!

That picture is just a teaser! For all the gory details, links and more pictures, please visit my web page for the Podcats throw pillow.

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