Friday, February 01, 2013

Lovely Year of Finishes: February 2013

Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs  and Shana of  Fiber of All Sorts started an interesting concept to encourage us quilters to get some of our long-standing UFOs completed.  It occurred to me that this approach could be applicable to any crafter with a backlog of projects, but this one is specifically organized for quilters.

To participate, you pick one UFO for the month, blog about your intention to finish that UFO *that month*, link the blog post to the Year of Lovely Finishes linky party.  Then ... FINISH THE UFO.  You gotta do that. :-)

When you've finished it, blog about it, link the finished UFO blog to the linky party .. voila, you're done for that month.  As an incentive to finish, each month has gifts that were donated by the sponsors; they will be awarded on a random number basis.

Sadly, I missed out on January; I hadn't read about the program.  But here I am for February!

Therefore, my UFO to finish is .... Grapes.   Grapes is a needleturn applique wall-hanging designed by one of my favorite designers, Nancy Lee Chong of Pacific Rim Quilting Company.   Over the years, I had tried many different techniques for applique but it wasn't until I learned Nancy's technique that it finally "clicked" with me.  Now, I'm not intimidated at all by needleturn applique projects.  They make excellent Forever Projects ™ !  :-)

I started this project in January 2012.  I actually finished the needleturn part so the top is technically done.  But, being the complete lamer that I am, I let the top languish in the UFO pile since then.

Since this is my LYOF February project, I am now deciding on the quilting design to do.  Nancy quilted her's in echo quilting, but that doesn't float my boat.  Once the quilting has been decided on, it'll get loaded onto Lizzie and quilted.

woo hoo!!!   I'm on my way!  :-)

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