Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Outdoor Rotisseire Chicken: it's what's for dinner!

Mr. Pirate is a man of many curiosities and abilities.  Of late, he has been enamored of outdoor cooking fires.  He built us a keyhole fire pit, around which we have had many enjoyable campfires, right in our own backyard.

Tonight, he skewered a chicken (no! not one of *ours*!) and cooked it over a battery powered rotisserie.  He's doing this not only for the novelty aspect but also for when we go camping this summer, doing a rotisserie dinner will be on our menu.

This is the chicken when it first started out ... looking kinda pale and inedible.

But look at it an hour later!  Nicely browned and well on its way to be eaten.

Here's what we were entertained by whilst sitting by the fire, enjoying each other's company and the ambiance.

And, dang, if this isn't us!  A toast!  Skol!

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