Friday, March 01, 2013

Lovely Year of Finishes: March project

Looking at my List of 17 Tops to be Quilted, I have pulled out one of the big ones, the God's Eye top.

This was an attempt at scrap management back in 2008, when I pieced it.  I assume that I went through more than one messload of scraps because not only are there (48) 10" God's Eye blocks but there is a bargello-type border. 

I wasn't paying too much attention to the overall size when I made the top because it finishes with really weird dimensions: at 80"x100", it's either an overly long double or a slightly too-narrow queen.  It'll take a queen size batt, though.

So, the goal for March is to get this thing quilted, labeled, bound, laundered and the webpage created.

I'm anticipating the wonderful feeling of being able to cross another entry off the List.  :-)


  1. Beautiful Quilt, love the border

  2. It's really nice. The colors are great together with the different values and the border is fun with the strings.

  3. Sherry and Jeifner .. thank you so much! It was simply great to use up all those strips that I had cut. However, the scrap baskets didn't stay empty for very long! :-)

  4. This is really pretty--like a stained glass window!

  5. thank you, Susan! That's exactly what Mr. Pirate said! :-)

  6. Hi Shelley,
    I've been reading about your quilts for a long time, love your work and your writing.
    I have listed your blog on my blog for an award that I've received. Pass it on if you like.