Friday, October 22, 2010

Turkey redux

heh ... redux. re-ducks. Except that they're turkeys. :-)

Last year, 'round about this time in fact, we had a flock of turkeys wander on by. I haven't a clue where they had originated. The Pirate family lives in suburbia, but a kinda/sorta "rural" suburbia ... we don't have sidewalks and we border on some large tracts of open land. We do have raccoons and 'possums and skunks and egrets and ... ::sigh:: chicken hawks ... so I *guess* it's not terribly surprising that a flock of wild turkeys happens by.

Interestingly, last year, they had a Very Low Profile around November 28th. :-)

But, by golly, here they are again!  Those are the hens in that picture.  

There's also a guard turkey ... I'm not that well-versed in turkey appearance to determine if the guard turkey is a hen or a tom.

The master bedroom in Casa Rodgers is upstairs.  When we emerge from our sanctuary and reach the ground floor, the sliding French doors to the deck are immediately in front of us.  It's quite a surprise to see these HUMUNGOUS turkeys on the deck first thing in the morning!

And rest assured, these birds are BIG.

Mr. Pirate & I casually wandered onto the front lawn and circled 'round to the back to get these pictures.  The turkeys didn't seem too concerned about our presence.  The hens kept on looking for tasty tidbit and the guard turkey remained vigilant.

It *was* interesting, however, when the turkey flock got within cackling distance of the chicken yard.  I wonder if each group wondered who the bizarre looking creatures were. :-)

And, of course, the burning question is .... will they still be here in late November?  :-)

Gobble, gobble!


  1. Inquiring minds want to know:What is Dad building out by the swing?

  2. oh that was just the support for the tabletop that we put the mp3 player & speakers on for the Rodgers Ron-day-voo. :-)

    Nothing special. Obviously we haven't yet put the piece parts away. Doncha just love procrastination? (Not that *you* would know anything about the topic) :-)