Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the Crush

In wine grape growing regions of the world, the time of year when the grapes are harvested and wine-making begins is called 'the crush' .. because, well, the grapes are being crushed to start the wine making process.  :-)

A couple of years ago, Mr. Pirate took a series of classes on viticulture .. the how and why of growing grapes, soil and pests and pest eradication.  He really enjoyed the classes.  At the end of the series, he bought (or maybe the students were given ... I don't quite remember) one vine plant.  Cabernet Sauvignon, if I remember correctly.

He planted his single, solitary vine in our front yard with the vague intent of planting a new vine (or two or three) every year.  He cultivated and fertilized and hugged it (not really) and took very good care of his vine.  And it thrived.  Lovely leaves and a strong, healthy stem.

The deer truly appreciated Mr. Pirate's care because they thought the leaves were Very Tasty.

Mr. Pirate was not amused.

Especially when, as soon as the leaves grew back, the deer came back.  Kinda like a bad penny.

Eventually, Mr. Pirate became smarter than the average deer and put a cylinder of chicken wire around his vine to protect it.

To show its appreciate for the good care and feeding of it, our one vine gloriously put forth its fruit this year!  All three grapes.  :-)  

In case you have difficulty finding the grapes, follow the yellow arrows in the picture.

Since I'm not a wine maker, I'm not sure how long after the crush of our 3 grapes we will have to ferment and age the product.  However, I am absolutely, positively convinced that it will be a Very Limited Production.  :-)


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