Tuesday, October 26, 2010

another finish: Equilateral Triangles

Earlier this year, whilst Lizzie was down for repairs, I went on a mad sprint of piecing tops. Now that family events and obligations are over, I am able to finally get to that pile of tops.

This top is made from 4" blocks, an equilateral triangle in a square block. I used Eleanor Burn's "Triangle in a Square" ruler set to make the blocks.

Lots of blocks.  A tremendous amount of blocks.  Uncountable number of blocks.

They were so very, very easy to make. :-)

Putting the blocks directly together in this orientation created a zig-zag path through the triangles.

Carla Barrett has a wonderful tutorial on some great swirly curly designs for sashings.  I've loved the basic one so much that I never got around to using any of the others.  With this quilt, I deliberately set out to use the zig-zag paths as a sampler of the other designs.

 The triangles themselves got a low-key squiggle design. :-)

The resulting texture on the back is just wonderful. :-)

For all the gory details, links and more pictures, please visit my web page for the Equilateral Triangles quilt.


  1. Shelley- you left a comment on I'm Gonna Tell Mom, asking about my mini dress form. I can't find your email address, so I am responding here. I hope that is okay!
    Anyway- I found that little form about 5 years ago in a local gift shop/tea room, which is now out of business. It doesn't have anything on it to identify a maker, so I am not able to help you much. Sorry!

  2. I really like the front of your quilt but the back is way to cool. I like the pattern.