Monday, January 11, 2016

M is for Monster ... top only

Generally speaking, I don't buy kits.  Lord knows that I have more than enough fabric in my stash that I will ever possibly use in my lifetime.  When making quilts, I try very hard to use what I already have.  I also try very hard to juggle what fabrics I do have to make them work, even if that results in a quilt not quite like the inspiration piece.  :-)

Occasionally ... I will see a kit that is just SO darling .. or the fabrics used are SO unique .. that I will make an exception and buy the kit.

This was the case with "M is for Monster".  This was a kit from The Piper's Girls.  The hook for me was that the monsters were done in bamboo felt of the most luscious colors!  I knew that I wouldn't be able to find bamboo felt locally, so why not support the designer?  :-)

This is *such* an easy quilt to construct ... 7 wide strips of 8" fabric; each strip has one monster.  While I chose to do needleturn applique for the fabric portion of the monsters, that method is NOT mandatory.  In fact, the designers specifically say that whatever method you like is the one you should use.   Their version was done with fusible webbing.

When I had finished the top, I pinned it to my design board to admire it.  I grinned at those silly little monsters.  BUT ... it just seemed so PLAIN.  There were no borders .. just the 7 strips of fabric. 

I wanted to jazz it up ... just a little.  It occurred to me that if I put Flying Geese on the ends of the strips, it could look like the strips were arrows.  I liked that idea.  Now, it looks like I have black arrows going in one direction and white arrows going in the opposite direction.

I really like this cute little quilt.  It'll finish around 52"x56".

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