Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dress Me Up! ... my current UFO

Now that I've finished my previous long term UFO, it's time to get started on the NEXT one.  Yeah, the *next* one.  I have a whole list of UFOs to work on (I'm sad to say) and this one popped to the top of the list.

The pattern is "Dress Me Up" from the Bobby Socks Quilt Company.  I chose to do the hand-embroidered version in shades of purple for my very favorite middle daughter.  The first embroidered block was started in August 2010 and the last one was finished in April 2011.   The 12 blocks were set aside for lack of inspiration in setting them.

The pattern called for a grid layout, which is one of the most boring layouts ever .. IMNSHO.  To be sure, there are times when a tic-tac-toe arrangement is perfectly acceptable but it is not what I wanted for this quilt.  Just exactly what I *did* want remained elusive.

Until I discovered a pattern titled "Spanish Tiles".  Oh!  I *loved* the sashing.  Luckily Dear Daughter liked it also.

Let's fast forward to now (2016).  I resurrected the embroidered blocks, figured out I could probably just eke out the sashing in a fabulous dark purple fabric I had, so I began.  I'm crossing my fingers on the amount of dark purple fabric.  To hedge my bets, I'm going to do all the strictly interior sashing with this fabric and if I run short, will do the outer border in a compatible dark purple.

So, here's the start of this next adventure.  The top pieced border hasn't been made yet, as it needs the partial "X" blocks, as are present on the sides.  It's easier to make the full "X" blocks right now so that I can be consistent (and remember how to do it!) than to switch gears.  When it comes time to do the top, bottom and other side borders, then I'll do all the partial "X" blocks.

Due to the precise amount of strip set needed to frame the embroidered blocks *between* the "X" blocks, this sashing is turning out to be a *major* PITA.

AND DANG IT!!  Now that I've seen the picture (looking at it from afar), I see the far left horizontal strip set segment is wrong .. the dark purple shouldn't extend all the way to the edge.   Well, drats.  It must come down and be corrected.  How utterly annoying.

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