Monday, January 11, 2016

fund-raiser quilts ... well, they're still tops at this point :-)

My favorite oldest daughter's mother-in-law helps to run the Santa Cruz Toddler Care Center in Santa Cruz, CA.  Every year, they have a fund raiser and I volunteered to make a quilt (or two :-)  ) for them.

Eventhough I am "thisclose" to finishing a long-term UFO, I just could NOT resist starting a new top, especially when I knew the piecing wasn't going to take very long.  Tina Craig, of Seaside Stitchers, posted a picture of a scrappy pyramid/triangle quilt that I knew (well .. to be honest .. I only had high hopes) would use up a fair amount of strips in my scrap drawers.  She didn't post a pattern, but any experienced quilter can see it is clearly a "triangle in a square" block.  Instead of using one fabric for the triangle, you "create" your own fabric by sewing strips together, then cut the triangle from the strip set.

This is my version.  And no, it didn't seem to make an appreciable dent in my scrap drawers.  They are still as full as ever. 

This top is about 45"x69".  It was easy enough to make and I just kept making more blocks!

Concerned that the scrappy pyramid quilt might actually be too big for their purposes, I asked what size they'd prefer (something I probably should have done before but .. eh .. I was having fun.)   I was told a crib size quilt would be great, so I dug through my scraps again and rediscovered a whole STACK of 4-patch I-Spy blocks that had been unable to be used in a previous project. 

So, I simply sewed ALL the 4-patches together, put a plain border around them and then a beautiful mitered border around that.  I love a mitered border. :-)

Both of these are still tops-only, so the next step will be to load them on my longarm to get them quilted, bound and mailed off.

Although I am eagerly anticipating the finish of my long-term UFO, I was very, very pleased and happy to have taken the break to piece these two tops.  The quilting won't take long at all.  (She said confidently in anticipation of no problems with the longarm machine!)

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