Wednesday, March 19, 2014

hexagons: the first column

Well, now, lookee here.    I've stitched together a column of hexagon flowers with a green garden path between them.  :-)

Please disregard the crookedness and the scrunched top & bottom of the picture - I couldn't back up enough to get a decently framed picture.

The black is just the king-sized sheet that I pinned the column to .. it's not the background of the hexagons.

The left side will get filled in with half-hexagons so I have a straight edge.  Ditto with the top & bottom edges; they get a different half-hexagon shape for the fill-in.

The ragged right side will hook into the left edge of the next column.  Kinda looks like castle crenelations,  don't they?  :-)

Seven more columns to go.

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