Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's time to de-clutter: a set of valance pleaters

I have a fairly high tolerance for clutter.  Anyone who just drops in for a visit can attest to that.  I'm not particularly proud that I don't put things immediately away where they belong, but I do acknowledge this is a factual character flaw.  :-)

Well, today the degree of clutter-ness just went over the top.  Nothing in particular tipped the balance but the overall visual chaos simply became too much for my poor eyeballs to tolerate.

As I began to  diminish the size of the piles (that's my typical method of organization:  Organized Piles of Chaos), I also set aside those items that, although they are *just as darling and functional* as when I first obtained them, I now face the fact that I am simply NEVER EVER EVER going to use them.  Or use them again, in the case of craft patterns.

Therefore, over the next several posts, I am going to be presenting a bunch of items that I am offering for sale.  All items are still in useful condition.  If any item (such as a pattern) was used, I will tell you.

This post is for (4) packages of Valance Pleaters #5450 by Kirsch.  Anyone who has done home decoration will recognize the Kirsch name.   The "pleater" isn't a device like a smocking pleating machine but instead is a flat, heavy-duty plastic bar with slots in it that create the "pleats" of the valance when the fabric is slipped into the slots.

Each package contains 2 pleaters, one for each side of a window, so that each package will make a valance for ONE window.    To be real obvious about it, all these packages together will make valances for *4* windows.

None of the packages have been opened.  The plastic bags look a little banged up but are intact.

It *appears* that there is no limit to the width of the window; I assume you simply cut the appropriate length of yardage to go across the window plus the amount of the drop that you want.

I got these pleaters under the delusion that I was actually going to get around to making valances for my living room.  I can't even remember how many years ago that was.  I now admit that I am never going to make them.  :-)

 This is the back of the blue label in the above photo.  It shows the kind of valance you can make.
This is the front of the little pamphlet inside the package.  I don't know exactly what is in the interior, since I've never opened the packages.  At the very least, I assume it's directions on how to use them. 

A PDF that explains how the pleaters are used can be downloaded here; it very well could be the same information that is in the inside of the pamphlet.

Don't those valances look pretty?  Even better, there's no special sewing that needs to be done; the directions say only straight seams are required.

I'm asking $7/package .. that's $28 total *plus* postage. 

My zip code is 94597.  The weight of all 4 packages is 1 lb, 14 oz .. but you gotta include the weight of the box, so figure on 2 lbs.

According to the US Post Office, standard post would be $9.79; a medium flat rate box would be $12.35.  If you come up with a less expensive mailing option, I'm all ears.

This is good only for the US ... shipping abroad is just way too expensive.

Interested in sprucing up your windows?  I'm sure you'll have better success than I did!  :-)   Contact me at pirate AT value DOT net to discuss your purchase.

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