Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A family of finishes

I can now finally do a proper show-n-tell on the 2 sibling quilts I've been working on and had mentioned in my previous post.

Small about of background: I had made a baby quilt for one of Mr. Pirate's cousins.  The new baby has 2 older siblings and I've finished lap quilts for the siblings.

The boy's quilt was made from the Skinny Strips pattern.  You can read all about the trials and tribulations of making this quilt, see lots of pictures and follow the links in Jacob's quilt webpage.

And the girl's quilt was made from an inspirational picture from a quilting blog I read.  That blogger doesn't even know who designed the pattern because I asked.  You can read all this quilt's adventures, see more pictures and follow the appropriate links in Jolene's quilt webapge.

Now that those quilts have been delivered, the next thing for me to do is to take stock of where I am and just what project needs to worked on next.

I know I need to work on a barter top (I'm piecing the top for her; she's *hand quilting* for me.  I'm definitely getting the better end of this deal, but don't tell her I said so!).  I have a computer-inspired quilt to make for my nephew.  I have a fuzzy Minkee-like quilt to make for my favorite youngest daughter. 

I actually need to so some sort of re-org on my sewing room to rediscover exactly what I have stashed away, so that I don't forget something.  I have this niggling feeling that I'm forgetting something Really Important but that could just be the paranoia showing up.  :-)

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  1. Looking good Shelley! Haven't heard from you in a while--glad you're still out there!