Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Technology is wonderful. :-)

Through another blog, I found a fantastic widget for a blog page!  How many times have you wanted to print out a blog post but upon printing, you find the printed layout is less than optimum?

I've resorted to copy/pasting blog pages into my word processor, just so the printout would be acceptable.  This process can be very tedious.

The widget is from the Print Friendly website and allows the reader the ability to print the blog page either as a printer page OR as a PDF!   Personally, I think that's just awesome.

The only drawback is that their directions refers to the old layout of Blogger.  It took some mucking about for me to find the similar areas in the new Blogger layout.  But, I persevered ... and ..

Ta Da!

I now have a green oval "Print PDF" button at the bottom of every page.  :-)  Just one of the fine services that I offer. :-)


  1. Thanks for the info. I posted my comment on the wrong post on your blog, and then couldn't figure out why it didn't show up! (hence the deleted comment on post below) Operator error! I've added the print widget to my blog as well.

  2. You're right technology is just grand.

  3. You are a real treasure. What would we do without you. Thanks you for that information. It was absolutely painless to instal it. And there's not many things you can do on the blog without running into trouble. That was so good And it works too !