Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh My Stars! quilt along. #9: Nested Star block

This is a good looking block!  With the inner portion of the star the same as the surrounding background, it looks like it's a see-through block!

BUT ... oh my gosh ... once again the small 4" block is a killer.  I made (3) 4" blocks, being Very Careful each time, but every time, the points of the inner star were chopped off.  Very, very discouraging.  And annoying.  Not to mention the 4" block is very bulky with seams.

So, after the 3rd attempt and not getting any better, I decided that I would fill out the rest of this set with basic Sawtooth stars for the remaining (2) blocks.

[A sneak look at star #10 showed that the center of the star is a 4-patch.  Oh hooray!  Even the 4" blocks should be good!  :-)   Proceeding to Star #10!]

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